Baylor & HTG safer delivery project update

Working closely with the Ministry of Health, Horizons Trust Gambia (HTG) and Baylor will provide a mobile and compact, yet expandable, shipping container-based stand-alone surgical facility (Smart POD) for caesarean deliveries in remote locations while the Baylor team will provide ongoing training through telemedicine and augmented reality.

HTG has just completed the needs assessment, having conducted 100 patient interviews and the findings will inform the design and content of the training programme for the obstetric healthcare staff. The needs assessment of the healthcare staff is also almost complete and together with the patient interviews, HTG will have a unique and holistic view of the gaps in the services currently provided at the maternity wards, thus ensuring the training programme meets local needs.

The overall objective is to contribute to a significant strengthening of the maternal healthcare services while working in tandem with the Ministry of Health’s Training initiatives for obstetric care and their vision for healthcare services in The Gambia.

*Picture is Midwife Eliana Sambou from Serekunda Health Centre conducting a patient interview at Bwiam Hospital.

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