Our history.

Horizons Trust UK was established to support Horizons Trust Gambia (HTG) by fundraising for its outreach programme. It has also been at the forefront of the development of Horizons Clinic, which will provide world-class healthcare to residents of The Gambia. Horizons Trust UK is driven by the same mission as HTG – to reduce maternal and neonatal mortality in the country.


The Founder of Horizons, Professor James N’Dow OBE, is the driving force behind the charity. Born in The Gambia, James trained in Aberdeen, UK, where he is now Professor of Urological Surgery and Director of the Academic Urology Unit. James has travelled to The Gambia every year for almost the past two decades, with other UK-trained specialist consultant surgeons, anaesthetists, and nurses, to carry out charitable work at a local hospital.

To ensure Horizons’ sustainability and that The Gambia can enjoy the kind of care we take for granted in the UK, ongoing financial contributions are urgently required for operational costs, training of healthcare staff and distribution of life-saving medical supplies.


Our aims.

To provide quality healthcare for those who desperately need it but who have no financial means.

Horizon Trust has already started doing charitable work in The Gambia through Horizons Trust Gambia focussing on improving healthcare for pregnant women and children less than two-years old by: providing training to health professionals; and thorough-cleaning childbirth facilities. In time, Horizons Trust Gambia will increase access to high quality care through community outreach centres.

To build and manage a high quality medical facility for those who can afford private treatment (the Horizons Clinic). This is an unmet need in the Gambia and other West African countries. Profits from the Clinic will be used by Horizons Trust Gambia to provide high quality care to the poor. Wealth redistribution through healthcare.

Horizons’ high standard operating theatres will repair vesicovaginal fistulae and help reverse social isolation of the women.

Who's involved.

Ron Taylor


Alec Cumming


Kathleen N’dow


James N’Dow


Chris Rowles


Our projects.

The Horizons Clinic will be the first international standard hospital in The Gambia and offer a range of secondary & tertiary specialist services that are not available at present. Currently, patients needing specialist care either do not receive it or travel abroad at significant cost.

The Horizons Clinic therefore will be complementary to the current healthcare provision in The Gambia.

Horizons Outreach works to improve the capacity and standard of healthcare through the provision of education and training.

Our two flagship programmes – Infection, Prevention & Control and Safer Delivery, provide essential training for maternity health workers and world-class infrastructure in The Gambia. We work in partnership with national and global stakeholders to reduce maternal and neonatal mortality rates in the country.

The impact we've made.

Our community deserves better and that is what we are now able to give them.

Alieu, Midwife

I’m excited about this project. My real fulfilment is in seeing both women and babies go home happily – that’s my real joy.

Dr Jose TK Green Harris, Obstetrician Gynaecologist

I can now protect myself and our mothers and babies from infections. It makes me proud.

Amy, Cleaner

Facts and figures.


Mums and babies impacted through the Infection, Prevention & Control Programme


Pieces of cleaning supplies provided


Health workers trained on how to stop mums and babies dying from sepsis


Health workers trained on emergency obstetric & neonatal care


Healthcare facilities targeted, covering 40% of Gambia’s population

How you can help.

Please support us to stop mums and babies dying in The Gambia. Every single life lost is one too many.

Please donate at

For more information including how to volunteer with Horizons Trust please email: contact@horizons-trust.com

Latest news.

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